Water Sources and Treatment

Water Filtration System in Chicago

Water Sources and Treatment in Chicago:

Chicago’s main water source is Lake Michigan which is 4% of the world’s fresh water. In order for you to drink the water from Lake Michigan without getting sick, it goes through more than 100 miles of tunnels to be purified and safe to drink.

To treat the water and purify it, the following chemicals are used:

Chlorine– to disinfect the water.
Blended Polyphosphate– to coat pipes and prevent lead leaching.
Activated Carbon– to remove unpleasant tastes and smells.
Fluoride– to help fight cavities in teeth.


  • Citizens of Chicago use almost 1 billion gallons of water a day!
  • 75% of the earth is covered with water. 97% of that water is from oceans and only 3% can be used as drinking water.
  • Chicago was one of the 2 cities that used chlorine to treat the water.
  • The average  United States citizen uses 80-100 gallons of water a day!
  • Chicago’s central water filtration plant is the largest in the world.

Lake Michigan



Before the faucet, after the flush:

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