The Lake’s Water Levels

The Great Lake’s water levels have been quickly dropping in the last few years. They have all been below average for a while especially Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan is now 23 inches below the long-term average, said Mark Breederland, an extension educator for the Michigan Sea Grant

Lake M

Researchers have done a two-year study on the St. Clair River and the amount of water running through it and out of Lake Michigan. The St. Clair River is the main outflow for Lake Michigan and Lake Huron and some are saying that this is the cause for the low water levels.

The Corps considers 36 of the 60 federally designated commercial harbors in the Great Lakes region in need of dredging. President Barack Obama has requested about $31 million to dredge 15 commercial Great Lakes harbors this year

The latest water levels forecast illustrates that “we have to deal with the dredging issue,” Glen Nekvasil, spokesman for the Lake Carriers’ Association, said “We cannot wait for Mother Nature to pull us out of the fire.”

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