What is Being Done?

Many things can be done to stop the palm oil crisis.

The Nature Conservancy, for one, has been working on creating more forests through REDD activities around the world. They want to protect forests, fight climate change, and do good for communities. You can learn more at their web page:


palm oil plantation

Another company doing things is RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) which wants to maintain Palm Oil at a typical standard. RSPO’s mission is to advance, obtain and finance the use of sustainable Palm Oil. They also want to create a company that can make sure palm oil is staying at a certain rate. Another mission RSPO has is to see if any social, economic or environmental impacts have been made by palm oil in the market. Finally, they want to involve and commit a business throughout the supply chain. You can learn more at their web page:



Another organization working for change is Golden Agri-Resources which has announced plans to no longer destroy forests and carbon-rich peatlands. With Golden Agri-Resources could be a huge step for full forests and peatlands protection in Indonesia.


There are food chains that made the switch from unsustainable to sustainable palm oil. McDonald’s has commited to using Sustainable Palm Oil, along with Dunkin Donuts since 2007.

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