Sustainable vs. Unsustainable Palm Oil

There are different types of palm oil that are better than others when it comes to preventing deforestation. Sustainable palm oil is much better for the environment than unsustainable palm oil. It is better for the environment because it complies with global standards that have been set.

Sustainable palm oil doesn’t do all of the damage that unsustainable palm oil does. Unsustainable palm oil requires forests to be cut down as opposed to sustainable palm oil which does not. This causes animals and even people that live in the forests to lose their homes. Unsustainable palm oil is also contributing to carbon emissions.

Today, in an effort to become more sustainable, many Indonesian palm oil plantations are working to get certified as environmentally friendly. A major part of this certification is to practice production that does not involve vast clearing of land. These certifications are approved by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

For more information on certified sustainable palm oil got to

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