Shoppers Guide

Palm oil is a cheap type of oil many food products now use. It comes from the fruit of the oil palm tree and mostly produced in edible oil. Palm oil is high in saturated fats and is used in food. Palm oil and its derivatives can be found in 50% of packaged foods on store shelves. On many store products, palm oil can be labeled as palm kernel oil, palmitate, and palmitic acid. Palm oil is in snack foods, margarine, fats, dry mixes for cakes, biscuits, etc. It is often used as frying oil because palm oil doesn’t make the food smell bad and can survive in high temperatures.

Some Food Products containing palm oil:
• Keebler
• Girl Scout Cookies
• Pepperidge Farm
• Oreo
• Mrs. Fields
• Nestle
• Arnott’s Scotch Finger
• Trident
• Cheese Rice Crackers
• Corinthians
• Chocolate Cream Wafers
• Swami Sarasvati
• Apricot E Moisturiser
• M&Ms
• Snickers
• Mars bars
• Milky Way
• Twix
• Bounty
• Maltesers
• Doublemint
• Fruit Breaks bars (AP)
• Chewy bars (AP)
• Bodywise bars
• Fruit Roll Ups
• Rice Krispies
• Ben and Jerrys

Foods with sustainable palm oil
• Chef Boyardee
• Crunch’n Munch
• Dr. Pepper
• Hawaiian Punch
• Jiffy Pop
• Heinz Ketchup
• Nutella

Some Cosmetics containing palm oil:
• Dove
• Unilever
• Sephora
• Neutrogena
• Avon

Some Cosmetics with sustainable palm oil:
• Airwick
• Aveeno
• Clean and Clear
• Lion Corporation
• L’Oreal
• Easy Off
• Easy On
• Lush

These are only some of the many products that contain palm oil.


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