We are a group of middle school students who are concerned about global issues. We have been looking around at all issues and decided to focus on deforestation. There are many things that cause deforestation, so we decided to focus specifally on palm oil. We agree that palm oil is important because palm oil is found in many loved food products.

Palm oil is a cheap oil and many forests are cleared for plantation areas for oil palm trees. Farmers need more and more oil palm trees which causes more and more forests to be cleared. The palm oil tree is grown in West Africa. Oil palms do well in warm environments and plenty of rainfall, and now they are in tropical regions everywhere in the world. Oil palm trees have spread to Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

Truth and Consequences: Palm Oil Plantations Push Unique Orangutan Population to Brink of Extinction

Palm Oil is the leading cause of deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia with 85% of palm oil from those countries.In Malaysia between 1990-2002, 47% (about 5,600 square miles) of the growing of palm plants involved rainforest removal. From 1982-1999 approximately 16,000 square miles of Indonesian tropical rainforests were converted to palm oil, coconut, timber, and all other forms of plantation. Palm oil has become the fastest-growing cultivation or growth of an individual crop plantations in the tropics.


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